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Reverse Spine Angle

Reverse spine angle is probably something that you do not hear from your everyday golfer?  Low Back Pain however, is one you hear rather frequently.  The connection between the two is very common and is often the cause of lower back pain while golfing.  The Titleist Performance Institute describes reverse spine angle (for a right handed golfer) as such, “any excessive upper body backward bend or excessive left lateral upper body bend during the backswing.”(1)   Doing this puts a large amount of pressure and force on the lower back and can cause injury doing so.  So what might be causing this?  The biggest cause of this is the golfers inability to separate his or her upper body from there lower body.   This is often times something that can be easily corrected and can have a huge impact not only on your golf game, but your everyday health!  If you are interested in learning more about this, schedule an appointment with Dr. Saunders today!



rocky reverse spine angle2.jpg

-Incorrect-  reverse Spine Angle

rocky reverse spine angle.jpg
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